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Application Development

All companies have different processes, practices and workflows. Consequently all companies have differing software needs.
It is not always possible to meet these diverse requirements with 'off the shelf' software.
Developing bespoke software can give you a competitive edge by giving you software that fits your business precisely. It doesn't have to expensive either. By outsourcing development to us we can create cost effective software that meets your requirements and offers total flexibility.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Data is everywhere these days. Even the smallest company can easily accumulate large amounts of data - but making sense of it can be tricky. Business Intelligence allows you to make better use of this valuable resource.
We can help you organise your data and provide tools that put the right information at your fingertips.

Intranet Development

Intranets and company databases enable you to share information across your organisation quickly, cheaply and easily. Your staff can become more productive by allowing them to locate information faster and access tools relevant to their roles and responsibilities. An intranet can also open up better ways of working, by allowing staff to share information and collaborate in new and innovative ways.

Extranet Development

An Extranet allows you to share information with customers, suppliers, or other approved parties. This can bring efficiency improvements through automated data exchange and also gives you a new level of interconnected collaboration with external parties.
We can help you create, install and maintain your company extranet.